StoneDeck FAQs

StoneDeck has compiled a list of commonly asked questions.  If you need more information please use our contact form.

What is StoneDeck?

StoneDeck combines premium quality natural slates, granites and quartzite with a high strength composite backing. This system features a fastening matrix that connects to the deck frame while interlocking all structural panels in place. There is no mortar or grout. The highstrength panels and interlocking matrix form a structure that is flexible, yet strong enough to support 4,000 pounds per square foot.

How big are the tiles and how much do they weigh?

Each tile is 16″ x 16″ and covers 1.78 square feet. A single tile weighs 15 pounds (9Lbs per square foot), including the composite backing. Height is 1-1/8” from top of joist.

What stone types and colors are available?

For StoneDeck colors please refer to the StoneDeck color chart. Lighter colors will be cooler if your deck is in direct sunlight. As with any natural product, slight color variations are to be expected. Color samples are available upon request.

Can StoneDeck be used in cold climates?

Yes. Stone selection is important. Granite and Quartzite are a much denser stones and withstand the elements much better than Slates.

Can StoneDeck be placed over a concrete slab?

Yes, if the concrete slab is structurally sound.

Is the stone surface slippery?

The stones we use have a natural nonskid surface. The surfaces of the slates and quartzite have clefts and the granites are flamed—they are roughened rather than polished.

How does water drain with the StoneDeck system?

The system’s fastening matrix is designed to allow 1/8″ joints between each stone tile. Water drains through the joints and away from the deck surface. The ribbing on the composite backing elevates the stone tile off the “joist plate” or joist. This allows the water to flow away from the deck frame and prevents water damage.

Who installs the StoneDeck system?

StoneDeck can be installed by carpenters, deck or dock builders, and landscape contractors. A handy homeowner can also install the system. We can provide detailed installation instructions and guidance.

Can StoneDeck be used to create a balcony over a living space?

StoneDeck can be used to create beautiful balconies or raised patios. For these applications it is critical to first install a waterproofing system such as a sloped waterproof membrane. The waterproofing system is independent of the StoneDeck system. Installation details for this application can be found in our supplemental installation guide.

What type of framing is used with StoneDeck?

The StoneDeck system is designed to work with conventional deck framing. It can be installed over an existing deck frame if it is serviceable. Your installation contractor can help you determine if a new frame is necessary.

What is the cost of the StoneDeck system?

You can expect to pay $16–$18 per square foot for the stone with the composite backing and the fastening matrix. Add approximately $4–$7 per square foot for installation labor. Structural framing maybe an additional cost and will depend on the scope of your project.

How does StoneDeck compare to a traditional wood deck?

StoneDeck is a permanent surface that does not have the maintenance and deterioration issues associated with wood surfaces. The longlasting components can handle the harshest climate conditions.

Should the stone be sealed?

We recommend using an impregnating sealer to prevent potential stains from spills and other accidents. Using this type of sealer will not change the stone color. For stone sealing requirements see the StoneDeck warranty.

Can the stone tiles be cut?

The StoneDeck tiles, with the composite backing, can be cut using a diamond blade or wet saw.

How are the deck edges finished?

You can give your StoneDeck a finished look by nailing fascia board in place. The stone can also overhang the edge with a piece of stone tile glued beneath as a skirt.