About StoneDeck

StoneDeck is a premium quality natural stone tile with a composite backing designed for strength, safety, durability and easy install.

StoneDeck combines premium quality natural slates, granites and quartzite with a high strength composite backing to create a patented system which comes together to build a beautiful one of a kind deck.  StoneDeck can be easily installed on rooftops or framed joists that are 16 inches on center.  The StoneDeck system features a unique fastening matrix that connects to the deck frame while interlocking all structural panels in place.  This method requires no mortar or grout.  The high strength panels and interlocking components form a complete structure that will support 4,000 pounds per square foot and is at the same time flexible.

  StoneDeck Advantage

  • Natural Stone StoneDeck stones are premium quality imported stones that are all natural and not manufactured.
  • Strength An exclusively patented composite backing is fastened to bottom of the natural stone.  This composite backing increases the strength of the natural stones well over 10 times the legal requirements, making it stronger than any other product.
  • Safety In the event of dropping an extremely heavy object, if the high impact causes an unlikely break the exclusively patented compositie backing will prevent fall-through, keeping you safer than any other product.
  • Options StoneDeck offers a variety of types of stone and colors, including slates, granite and quartzite as well as single colors and multi color options.  There are options for different climates as well as many options for configurations, inlaying stones within stones or stones within wood.  View the StoneDeck gallery.
  • Easy Install StoneDeck can be installed by carpenters, deck or dock builders, and landscape contractors. A handy homeowner can also install the system. Read more about StoneDeck installation.
  • Installs over Joists StoneDeck works with new or existing conventional wood framing capable of supporting standard building loads. The high-strength composite frame attaches easily to the 16" on-center joists with concealed fasteners. For convenience, all work is performed from the top side. View the StoneDeck joist install video.
  • Installs over Rooftops StoneDeck is extremely popular on rooftops of homes and commercial buildings.  It can turn an unsightly rooftop into a beautiful living space. StoneDeck rooftop installation is made possible using adjustable deck supports although framed joists on rooftops can also be used if desired. View the StoneDeck rooftop install video.
  • Non Slip Surface StoneDeck stones have a natural nonskid surface. The surfaces of the slates and quartzite have clefts and the granites are flamed—they are roughened rather than polished.
  • Free Draining The system’s fastening matrix is designed to allow 1/8″ joints between each stone tile. Water drains through the joints and away from the deck surface. The ribbing on the composite backing elevates the stone tile off the “joist plate” or joist. This allows the water to flow away from the deck frame and prevents water damage.
  • Low Maintenance StoneDeck panels and interlocking gridwork form a flexible, yet semi-rigid structure. This mortarless, free-draining system withstands natures forces, providing years of maintenance-free enjoyment.
  • Property Value The final StoneDeck assembly is a beautiful, durable, value-added decking system.  The unmatched look and benefits of StoneDeck will increase your property value and impress your friends.

  StoneDeck Specifications

StoneDeck has gone through rigorous testing, ensuring product quality and safety.  StoneDeck testing standards are provided by American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) International, a globally recognized leader in the development and delivery of international voluntary consensus standards.

StoneDeck meets or exceeds the ASTM standards as indicated in the StoneDeck specifications below.

StoneDeck Tile

  • Size 16”x 16” = 1.78 square feet
  • Fiberglass and Stone union
  • System thickness is 1 1/16” from top of joist to top of stone.
  • Panel weight = 8 to 10 pounds per s.f. depending on stone type.
  • Panel Strength minimum of 4000 p.s.f. of flexural strength. Strength varies with stone and done in accordance with AC #174.
  • Flame spread meets ASTM E 84

Fiber Re-enforced Backing

  • Meets or exceeds the following ASTM tests:
    • D790 Flexural Strength
    • D638 Tensile Strength
    • D695 Compressive Strength
    • D953 Bearing Strength
    • D570 Water Absorption
    • D696 Coefficient of Thermal Expansion
    • D635 Self Extinguishing


  • Size nominal 16” x 16” x 9/16”
  • Stones have an ASTM #C121 water absorption of .01%-1.1% depending on stone type. Granites have an ASTM #C1026 Freeze thaw unaffected rating or a natural resistance to damage under freeze thaw conditions.
  • Generally all stones have an ASTM# 1028 coefficient of friction equal to or greater than wood or composites. (Granites have a thermal or sandblasted surface and Slates have natural clefting)

Joist Plate

  • High Strength Polyethylene composite – 9 5/8 inches long with a connecting spline molded to the plate. Four 1/8” spacers are molded to the plate on each wing to self space the Stone Deck panels. Each Joist Plate is predrilled to run on top of the joist and requires a minimum of three screws (one in the center and two in opposing holes on top of the joist).


  • Use #7 x 11/4” countersunk screws in the Joist Plate countersunk screw holes.Make sure screws are compatible with the framing material.

Construction Adhesive

  • Use an exterior grade construction adhesive (PL400 or equivalent) to fasten panel to Joist Plate as necessary.


  • Use of an impregnator sealer is required to reduce staining and to protect the stone in freeze thaw conditions.

StoneDeck Specifications Document

StoneDeck Specifications

  StoneDeck Limited Product Warranty

StoneDeck is manufactured and warrantied by Deck Technologies, Incorporated. Deck Technologies, Incorporated warrants its products to be free from defects in material and workmanship when delivered to its customers. For more details on the StoneDeck limited product warranty please read the StoneDeck Limted Product Warranty.